Loan Officers

Bank and Lending institution loan officers are increasing their request for a professional non-biased inspection on equipment they are considering as collateral for a loan. The inspection provides not only peace of mind to the buyer, but also the lender who has proof that the borrower is not purchasing a lemon that they may grow tired of dumping money into and abandon the loan.

As the marine industry has experienced for years, when a loan on a boat over a certain price point is requested, the lender requires a survey be provided. This is just another name for inspection and is very similar in scope. It provides the lender with assurance that they are not loaning money on a potential problem.

It is RV Inspection Connection view that many lending institutions will develop the same attitude and requirement as the availability of certified quality inspections become more and more available. The NRVIA (National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association) is setting the standards for all RV inspectors who desire to become certified in the industry.